Welcome at Noon Energy Noon Energy S.L. is founded to develop a new generation of Stirling engines, specifically designed to convert solar energy into electricity. To secure present and future energy needs sustainably the world needs clean, innovative and more intelligent solutions. We at Noon Energy believe the Dish-Stirling system, equipped with our innovative engine, is such a solution, fit to power the 21st century. This technology already holds the record for sun-to-grid efficiency. It does not consume water and only  takes up little (desert)land. Lack of a reliable, economic and efficient Stirling engine has been the main problem of the Dish-Stirling system until now . Together with dedicated partners and suppliers, Noon Energy has developed an innovative concept that will not only improve performance but also solve all previous problems, most importantly reliability. Managing director and founder is Camille van Rijn, MSc. (Netherlands, 1975). His curriculum includes studying fundamental Stirling thermodynamics with Dr. A. J. Organ at Cambridge University, later gaining industrial experience at Stirling Cryogenics, formerly Philips Cryogenics.